The Full Monty on #OutlanderInvadesLA

Mea Culpa

OK. I know, I know. I didn’t get this blog post done yesterday as promised but give a girl a break! It took me a full day to catch up on all the other Tweets, blogs, pics etc. that were posted by other returning Outlanders. I also had this little thing called work that kept interfering. But, hey, that IS what funds my Outlander habit (among others). Today, though, I’m trapped in a car dealer getting my car serviced, so what better way to kill the time?

Starting at the top…

The top of the JW Marriott that is. I had an awesome room on the 20th floor of the JW Marriott that had a great city view. Unfortunately, I had to wait a while to appreciate the view since I woke up at 5 am. A combination, I think, of Eastern time zone and excitement meant I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I passed the time with a blog post and scouring the internet for Tweets and Videos from the Television Critics Association panels and interviews the day before. But eventually, I was able to capture the following:

Still trying to kill time (It was only 9 am), I headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. I felt very special because my waitress called me “My Lady” when she brought me my pot of English Breakfast Tea along with my omelet. I felt very secure in my knowledge that Starz said there would be NO lining up before noon. Finished with breakfast, I headed back up to my room prepared to waste a little more time on Twitter and Facebook. However, to my shock and horror, I saw that people were already posting pictures from IN FRONT of the Orpheum. I quickly decided it might be in my best interest to go and check out the situation. Continue reading The Full Monty on #OutlanderInvadesLA


Landed in LA after 4 and a half hours with NO INTERNET

Well, so much for WiFi on board. Turns out my Delta plane from ATL to LAX is normally used on international flights and thus didn’t have WiFi. Luckily, I didn’t know during the flight that I was missing all kinds of goodies from the Outlander Panel at the TCA and happily passed the time reading.

I did manage to take this picture and tweet it to Terry Moore (@outlandercostum) before takeoff.
Those of you who follow Terry on Twitter know that she loves to post pictures of her shoes wherever she goes. She apparently got a kick out of it:

After landing in LA, I turned my airplane mode off on my phone to find the full explosion that was the result of all the press about Outlander at the TCA panel today. Lots of awesome pictures, tweets, stories and even an interview on Access Hollywood:

Outlander 2014
Jamie and BlackJack

The consensus on Twitter among Outlander fans is that we want to jump into the picture and use that whip on Black Jack Randall. Leave our Jamie alone!

Here’s the link to the Access Hollywood interview with Sam (Jamie) and Caitriona (Claire):

Sam and Cait interview Part 1

Sam and Cait Part 2

I did run into a couple of fellow Outlander fans in the SuperShuttle van on the way to the hotel. We kept showing each other tweets, pictures and talking nonstop about Outlander. I’m sure the other passengers thought we were nuts.

Eventually arrived and checked into the hotel near Staples Center. It’s a beautiful hotel and an awesome room!

After some time to fully appreciate all of today’s tweets, pics, etc., I finally have some time to sit down and blog!

Oh well, my internal clock is running on East coast time and thinks it’s after midnight, so that’s all for tonight! Stay tuned tomorrow for all the details from the #OutlanderInvadesLA gathering!

California Dreaming (Part 3) Wet, wetter, wettest

Woke up this morning to find the skies less than promising.  I guess all that finger crossing yesterday didn’t do much good.  Not to be deterred by mere rain drops, I headed out from Salinas bright and early towards Carmel.  After driving through fields of strawberries and artichokes (I know this because these famers labeled their fields.  I guess they read my blog post last night), I came within sight of the Pacific blue ocean.  Well to tell the truth, it was really more of a steely grey this morning.  After driving through the streets of downtown Carmel-by-the-sea, I quickly realized I was probably underdressed for this part of town.  Not to mention, I didn’t really see any places that seemed to be open for breakfast.  I decided to head instead to a place I had read about on Yelp that was a little bit away from the tony part of Carmel.  I arrived at the From Scratch Restaurant to find a warm fire burning and crowded tables of what looked to be happy diners.  After perusing the menu, I chose the Big Sur omelet which consisted of mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes and avocado (well I substituted the avocado, it should have had zucchini).  It was served with red potatoes and the house special cheddar biscuit (the biscuit was good but no match for yours Tammy C.).  I washed it down with a plentiful supply of English Breakfast tea.

Continue reading California Dreaming (Part 3) Wet, wetter, wettest