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The Full Monty on #OutlanderInvadesLA

Mea Culpa

OK. I know, I know. I didn’t get this blog post done yesterday as promised but give a girl a break! It took me a full day to catch up on all the other Tweets, blogs, pics etc. that were posted by other returning Outlanders. I also had this little thing called work that kept interfering. But, hey, that IS what funds my Outlander habit (among others). Today, though, I’m trapped in a car dealer getting my car serviced, so what better way to kill the time?

Starting at the top…

The top of the JW Marriott that is. I had an awesome room on the 20th floor of the JW Marriott that had a great city view. Unfortunately, I had to wait a while to appreciate the view since I woke up at 5 am. A combination, I think, of Eastern time zone and excitement meant I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I passed the time with a blog post and scouring the internet for Tweets and Videos from the Television Critics Association panels and interviews the day before. But eventually, I was able to capture the following:

Still trying to kill time (It was only 9 am), I headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. I felt very special because my waitress called me “My Lady” when she brought me my pot of English Breakfast Tea along with my omelet. I felt very secure in my knowledge that Starz said there would be NO lining up before noon. Finished with breakfast, I headed back up to my room prepared to waste a little more time on Twitter and Facebook. However, to my shock and horror, I saw that people were already posting pictures from IN FRONT of the Orpheum. I quickly decided it might be in my best interest to go and check out the situation. Continue reading The Full Monty on #OutlanderInvadesLA


I promise there will be a longer post when I get home.  Was bushed last night and now have to get to the airport.

Short story is yesterday was amazing. Lots of standing in line and making new friends, but I do feel very privileged to have been in the room and seen first hand that amazing chemistry among this group of people. And I don’t just mean Sam and Cait (akthough they do have it! He’s a flirt <in a good way> and she has his number!) You can see there is a lot of real feeling and liking between Ron and Diana as well. Diana has such a wicked sense of humor. I think the others just get  kick out of her. That has to be a real plus since I’m sure there will be MUCH more press in the coming months.

Anyway, off to the airport. Here’s a picture or two to tide everyone over.