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Back from oblivion!

Hi all. Long time no speak…I mean blog….I guess almost 4 years since a blog post is pretty sad. In my defense though, I’ve mostly been posting things on Facebook the last few years. However, I’ve decided I really miss writing pieces longer than 3 lines and that don’t involve Microsoft technology, so here I go. I was going to write a book but I never have any good ideas for a plot. If anybody has a plot idea, let me know!

I’ve mostly decided to resurrect this blog mostly in honor of my upcoming trip to Los Angeles for the Outlander_Starz Fan Gathering. What is Outlander you may ask.  Well, if you have to ask, you probably haven’t seen, talked or tweeted with me lately.  I’ve been a huge fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series for over 10 year, but with the announcement of the upcoming Outlander series on Starz, I have officially hit fan girl status.  I’m pretty sure my Mom is just tired of hearing me talk about it, hence the resurrection of the blog. 🙂

Anyway, stay tuned for all the details of my trip to LA on Friday. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures of Herself (Diana Gabaldon) as well as Ron Moore, Caitriona Balfe and, of course, Sam Heughan!

Feel free to come along for the ride on Saturday, January 11 at 4 pm PST (7 pm EST): http://www.starz.com/originals/outlander