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Fàilte Dachaigh (Welcome Home) – Lubec to Cape Breton – Vacation Day 2

Woke up early this morning. I never seem to remember how much earlier the sun rises this far north. After some checking of the current weather situation re: Arthur, and a quick consultation with Dad back home, Mom and I decided to forgo our planned stop in Moncton, New Brunswick and drive all the way to Cape Breton.

Having quickly packed up and eaten a bite of breakfast, we headed to the Campobello border crossing. One of the reasons Mom and I come through Lubec is the ease of crossing into Canada here. A quick trip over the bridge, a brief stop at the Canadian Customs shed to show our passports and answer a couple of questions, and BOOM, we’re in Canada. By the far the easiest Canadian border crossing I’ve ever used.

Another fun thing about crossing into Canada via Campobello Island is that you have to take two ferries to get to mainland New Brunswick. As the sole driver on this trip, I love the opportunity to sit back and let someone else do the driving for a bit. The first ferry is from Campobello to Deer Island.

Once we arrived on Deer Island, Mom and I made the 15 minute trek across the island to the next ferry. Deer Island is a pretty little island with quaint houses dotting the landscape. Mom and I always say we should stop and explore at some point but there is no time for that on this trip. Very soon we were at the next ferry embarkation point for the ferry from Deer Island to L’etete. After waiting briefly, we drove onboard for the 20 minute trip. For my Outlander friends, you will see that Pocket Jamie was a wee bit fashed to see a second boat trip. I was a bad Sassenach and forgot to pack the wee stabbers. (Non-Outlander friends—I promise to explain later.)

Disembarking from our second ferry of the day, we headed to our annual New Brunswick lunch stop—Comeau’s Seafood in Penfield. Yes, for those of you asking, we do plan our vacations around places to eat. Sorry, but some habits are hard to break. Mom had the Fried Fish and Scallops platter while I had Fried Scallops with a side salad.

Fortified for the long haul to Cape Breton ahead—about a six-hour drive—we hit the road. Giving up on finding an acceptable radio station and lacking a suitable conversationalist (Mom fell asleep within 20 miles), I plugged in my phone and began a re-listen to the audiobook version of Diana Gabaldon’s Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. Nothing makes a drive go faster than listening to a great book in my opinion.

In what seemed like a flash, we were across the provincial line into Nova Scotia and paying the toll at the Cobequid Pass.


Just a couple of hours more and we were once again crossing the bridge onto our favorite home away from home.

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Grateful to have beaten the hurricane, we climbed from our car and into the embrace of old friends.  Let the real vacation begin.

Note—this is where blog posts will get less frequent. Some days we are pretty lazy while we are on vacation and there is nothing to report. 🙂

From Savory Meat Pies to Starz in My Eyes – Outlander Retreat Main Event Part 2

Great Scot!

OK. I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep but I’m back up and totally jazzed about finishing this blog post. Why does this never happen when I get 3 hours of sleep on a work night? But, yet again, I digress.  Where did I leave off?

A moment in the sun (of Diana’s presence)

Oh, yes! Lunch! But wait, there was this other little thing that happened before lunch. As a part of signing group D, I waited my turn to get Diana to personalize my brand new copy of MOBY! Happily, the line moved pretty quickly as attendees were limited to having their copies of MOBY personalized with just their name. Being the lovely gracious woman that she is, Diana signed my copy for me in the Acknowledgements section where my name appeared. I was thrilled to have another few moments to have her sign the book, thank me for my help, and have…

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All Mixed Up and Sitting on Top of the World – Outlander Retreat Main Event Part 3

Great Scot!

When last we met, Retreat attendees were giving the new Outlander Behind the Scenes feature a rousing standing ovation. Alas, that was the end of the official presentations of the Outlander Retreat weekend. Last up in the official events schedule was the Afternoon Mixer.

Nibbles and Natterings

Exiting the main hall to the skirl of  bagpipes and still on a tremendous adrenaline high from all the fantastic tidbits and visuals of the last hour, I found myself facing a banquet worthy of Castle Leoch and Mrs. Fitz herself.

For the next two hours, Outlanders mixed and mingled with each other as well as with Diana and many of the Random House and Starz reps. It was a beautiful affair and Diana was beautiful and gracious as she moved from group to group. I think just about everyone had a chance to chat with her if they were patient. I had one very important question I had been…

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