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T-20 hours and counting to #OutlanderInvadesLA…

OK.  I’m leaving for Los Angeles in approximately 20 hours.  At this point, I should really think about packing.  Well, technically I’ve been thinking about packing all week, I really at this point should get around to actually doing it. I was all set to start packing earlier today but an avalanche of new pictures of scenes from Outlander and of Sam and Cait at the Starz Black Sails premier hit the Internet today.  Packing earlier was sacrificed at the twin alters of work (hey I need that paycheck to support my Outlander habit) and drooling over and analyzing said photos.

Speaking of which, for anyone following my blog who is NOT interested in Outlander (although why anyone wouldn’t be is beyond me), you just might want to ignore me over the weekend. I’ve decided everyone deserves one major fan girl experience in their life and this will be mine. Expect much gushing and probably oversharing of photos, etc.

Stay tuned, it may be a bumpy ride…next stop LA!