Journey around the World, Part 1

Well, it’s midnight on May 15 and I just finished packing for my trip to China.  I didn’t get home from DC until almost 8 pm due to an airport mix-up of my own making and then didn’t start packing until almost 9.  I think I have everything I’ll need (I hope).  My first flight is at 9:50 from CLT to IAD (Washington-Dulles).  The 2nd leg is the doozy.  Fourteen hours from IAD to Beijing.  At least I’ll be in business class so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep. Maybe after a couple of glasses of wine. I get into Beijing about 2:30 pm local time on 5/16.  I’m sure I’ll be ready to crash by that time.  I get major jet lag going to Europe, I can only imagine the jet lag from going to Asia.  The good news is that I should have the rest of Saturday to recover before going sightseeing on Sunday.  The contact we are working with for Microsoft China has arranged a car and tour guide to take me and a couple of the other consultants coming from the UK touring to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.  I can’t wait.

More to come once I get to China! 

Map picture